Tammy Palazzo

COO, Co-Founder



What is your biggest speaking challenge?
Controlling my gestures (I am from NY!) and making sure to maintain eye contact. Plus, I have some filler words (SO) that I would like to reduce.

How comfortable are you speaking in front of others
I'm pretty comfortable

What is your worst public speaking memory?
My absolute worst memory was when I was pregnant with my older son and giving a presentation to a group of sales reps. I was nervous and got really sweaty. I struggled to get through my powerpoint slides. Plus the lights were off in the room so I felt like no one was paying attention and I was putting everyone to sleep. I was convinced that I could never be a strong presenter.

What is your goal for 2018 to improve your speaking skills?
I want to focus a lot on filler words. When speaking formally, I tend to limit my use of filler words but when speaking more casually, I notice that I use them quite frequently and use ones that I find really annoying such as "like" and "so".

How frequently do you plan to practice using Presentr?
As frequently as I can