You are a connector.  You are engaged with the audience by focusing your eye contact on one person at a time, ensuring your audience feels appreciated and that their time is important to you.

As a connector you are also able to "read" how your audience is receiving your message allowing you to adjust your presentation based on the audience's reaction.

An expressive speaker is adept at using their physical gestures to connect the content to the audience by bringing emphasis to specific words or thoughts through movement.  You are also able to control the audience's interaction and contribution during your presentation through controlled and planned movement.

An expressive speaker does not allow the audience to be distracted by unnecessary and unplanned movement, leaving them with the impression that you are in control, relaxed and comfortable.

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An audience's first impression comes from what they see and, as a self-confident speaker, you have mastered that skill. You have demonstrated the ability to move with intention and purpose and maintain a strong position in front of your audience.  
No wandering around the room for you. Instead, by controlling your movement and maintaining an "open" position in front of your audience, you communicate a confident and approachable demeanor that says to the audience you are comfortable speaking in front of anyone.

Your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have as a speaker.  You are able to capture the audience's attention with the animation and dynamic qualities of your voice - tone, range, pace and volume. 
You are skilled at brining the content to life by using your voice to highlight key messages with "pauses" while maintaining a dynamic volume.


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