Jeanne Hartley

Presentr Coach



What is your biggest speaking challenge?
I feeling confident that I know the content and how I want to deliver it

How comfortable are you speaking in front of others
I'm pretty comfortable

What is your worst public speaking memory?
It was at an association dinner. I had a conflict with a peer right before I was to speak. I knew I was agitated and I got that look I get when I'm tense. There was no joy in what I was doing, my voice sounded like I was lecturing and I couldn't shake my intensity. People gave positive feedback, but I knew I didn't do well because it didn't feel good and I was glad when it was over.

What is your goal for 2018 to improve your speaking skills?
To gain more confidence in what I know and always find the joy in speaking. This would mean more quiet time before I speak and positive self talk.

How frequently do you plan to practice using Presentr?
When I have to practice for a specific event