How does Presentr works?

Personalized coaching based on your needs, when you need it.


Practice with Real-Time Feedback

Users can get real-time feedback during a presentation with or without prompts on what to say and receive a Presentr score after they’ve finished their presentation.



Users can choose to record themselves and receive a Presentr score at the end of their recording or practice and receive real-time feedback during their presentation and receive a Presentr score at the end of their practice.



Presentr will give you detailed feedback on your volume, pace of speech and words that you most commonly use. Immediate, automated, quantitative feedback on your skills


Custom Feedback Tips

Our customized tips to help you improve based off of your recording.

 customized feedback tips

Word Count

Presentr will show you the most commonly used words when you speak and you decide if you want to track how often you are using them.

word count.png

Trains you with fun skill-based games

 presentr games


Improve your skills with educational blogs & vlogs.



Detailed analytics to track your progress over time

 analytics for ios and the web app.