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Cindy Miller

Presentr Coach



What is your biggest speaking challenge?
Giving a scripted keynote speech. I enjoy interactive facilitation and am good at this. When the room is dark and you can't see the audience and yours is the only voice in the room - this is my greatest challenge. I would like to get good at this, starting with short, engaging Ted Talk style presentations.

How comfortable are you speaking in front of others
I love it!

What is your worst public speaking memory?
I promised to do a workshop for a group of senior women. I committed to this at the end of a long stretch of travel. I was tired and my original sponsor was not able to attend. In hindsight, I should have rescheduled but I felt committed to keep my word. I allowed the group to shorten down the time that did not do justice for the topic. Then, during the session, women were arriving late and leaving early, even mid-way through. I let this intimidate me and did not deliver a strong and effective ending. I thought this would plant seeds for future workshops and instead it seemed to me like it fizzled. The point is - I let myself think it fizzled - when it actually was a good workshop. My lesson: don't let my inner critic make up stories about what my audience is thinking. Stay true to the topic from beginning to end.

What is your goal for 2018 to improve your speaking skills?
Deliver 3 scripted Ted Talk style presentations - video tape them and learn from them to prepare for longer keynote addresses. Use Presentr to get better and better.

How frequently do you plan to practice using Presentr?
When I have to practice for a specific event