Anne Galinsky

Presentr Coach



What is your biggest speaking challenge?
I start each sentence with the word-So. I recognize that it is a transition word for me when starting and re-engaging the group.

How comfortable are you speaking in front of others
I love it!

What is your worst public speaking memory?
I was a key note speaker for 400 people at a Financial Services Company presenting on professionalism. I had not addressed a group that large before, so was a little nervous. My slot was right after a comedian that had the group in stitches- she closed with everyone holding hands singing-That's Amore! Enter Anne Galinsky to speak on professionalism-BORING! I started to panic as I sat in the back of the room thinking I could feign illness when I realized that I needed to practice what I preached. I started to breathe deeply and imagine myself successfully presenting. When I reached the front of this enormous room- I said-,"Now how sorry do you feel for me that I have to go on after Loretta?" Everyone laughed, I was myself and it was successful! Lesson learned- be yourself, practice what you teach!

What is your goal for 2018 to improve your speaking skills?
My goal is to slow down and think of ways to start without filler words.

How frequently do you plan to practice using Presentr?
2x per month