Alejandro Acevedo

Lead Developer



What is your biggest speaking challenge?
Filler Words - "To be Honest" and Eye contact or crowd engagement

How comfortable are you speaking in front of others
It's a mixed experience for me.

What is your worst public speaking memory?
High School: I had to make a presentation in english (I was not bilingual at the time) about a movie. I was so nervous I couldn't really remember what happened after it. I was shaking, light headed, sweating. It was really painful.

What is your goal for 2018 to improve your speaking skills?
Be aware. I know that I say a lot of filler words, but I think my goal is to be aware of my public speaking habits and try to implement our knowledge, techniques and software functionalities to my daily routines. I will try to select one of our modules or topics a week to work on during our team meetings.

How frequently do you plan to practice using Presentr?
2x per week