75% of employed adults agree their presentation skills need improvement

Let us show you how Presentr can help make that happen.


"We love to see individuals gain confidence and build self-esteem.
We know the best kind of learning is interactive, engaging, and fun."

- Tim Wikstrom, CEO and Co-Founder of Presentr


It's not just what you say, it's how you say it.

Welcome to Presentr!

 Presentr is the first and only personalized, mobile coaching app that replicates the experience of having a coach by your side at all times.

You can practice, assess and learn with Presentr just like you would if you were working one-on-one with a coach. We've taken that experience and made it on-demand and mobile. Crush your fears of public speaking and become a dynamic and confident speaker with Presentr where you receive instant, detailed, feedback on your skills,  including volume, pace and power and filler words. 

Presentr provides a continuous learning experience with teaching modules and the ability to practice the skills and get feedback right on the app!




How it works


Personalized coaching based on your needs, when you need it


Immediate, automated, quantitative feedback on your skills


Trains you with fun skill-based games


Detailed analytics to track your progress over time


30,000,000 PowerPoint Presentations are delivered daily

These are some of the customers that are using Presentr to make them more memorable.